Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wine-Blogging Wednesday Features The Best Grape

The Next Wine-Blogging Wednesday (WBW) will feature PS, the greatest grape in existence. I have several wines that I am considering for this (but not the Turley Hayne '04 that I'm picking up tomorrow in NJ for less than $100). Sonadora (who apparently lives close to me) has all the details and her husband will be a very lucky guy that night thanks to her PowerS of PerSuasion working at WBW central!

PS reviews are due to her -- either at your blog or, if you're not a blogger, to , by Wednesday, December 12.

And how about some comments, folks? All ... uh, 1 of you who read this blog? I want to hear your PerceptionS on PS.

1 comment:

Sonadora said...

Thanks for the post! Looking forward to your participation this month, I guess this topic is right up your alley!