Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dark & Delicious 2008 Report

Jo Diaz has a report with some nice PhotoS from Dark & Delicious 2008, every PSycho's dream.

Also in her report is the news that D&D 2009 will be held at Concannon's new $25M cellar/tasting room. If that renovation is half as successful as their 2005 vintage, we'll all be thrilled!

Friday, February 15, 2008


I recently (1/19) drank the Girard 2005 Petite Sirah, from Napa Valley. One of the sales RepS from the winery recently participated (with great customer service) in the Thanksgiving Week Windsor Sonoma offering on wine.woot.

While my own personal preference within PS is for full-bodied PS with massive tannins, lots blueberry-to-blackberry fruit, good acidity and structure with as little sugar as possible, I appreciate all PS for the wonder it is, so long as it meets a pretty low threshold of enjoyability.

This one was the color of Ocean Spray Cran-Blueberry, which suggested good things to me. As usual, this PS needs to breathe quite a bit, so decanting is highly recommended. The nose, though tight upon opening and pouring, opened up nicely to reveal flavors and scents of blackberries, blueberries, and red currant/cassis, with some minerals and hints of allspice at the back end. The tannins were PleaSantly soft, and the wine had good acidity. In the mouth, it was fairly thick, not jammy or syrupy and very smooth and refined, definitely not on the rustic end of the spectrum.

This was quite enjoyable. Rather than a big "cult PS" (ala Turley, Foley, or Biale), this is the sort of wine to transition those who are used to big, fruity, tannic Cabernet into PS. It would pair better with a steak or buffalo fillet than it would with gamier meats, but depending on your palate, may also be approachable without food.

Pardon the Dust

I've started at least 3 posts over the last 4 weeks, but haven't finished any of them. I'll try to get a few up this weekend. Sorry about the delay, folks!

Here's some of what you have to look forward to: What does a strangely-made PS from 1980 taste like? (Wednesday or Thursday night); Kent Rasmussen's 2002 PS; Chiarello Roux Old Vines PS 2000; and a preview of the *NEW* 2005 Vintage of the Concannon Limited Release PS (and just when you thought the entry level of PS didn't get better than the '04...); Girard 2005 PS; a report on Dark and Delicious '08.

Trust me, it will be worth the wait. I just have to write them up!