Thursday, September 18, 2008



Next year's PStravaganza is on Friday, 2/20. Tickets are on sale for us consumers on 10/22. Contrary to initial indications, it is *NOT* at Concannon's newly-renovated $25M tasting room. Instead, it will be in Alameda, CA, at the Rock Wall Wine Company. Per Jo Diaz, Concannon's license doesn't allow for pure awesomeness like D&D, due to grumpy neighbors who probably only drink Chard-oh-no!.

Stay tuned for further info.


el jefe said...

Hey - on the site they show both Jan 20th and Feb 20th - the winery paperwork I received said Feb 20th, as does this page:

But the home page says Jan 20th. I have a note into Jo asking for a clarification...! Hope to see you there!

BunnyMasseuse said...

So does that mean you'll be tripping out there oh dear one?