Monday, October 6, 2008

**BREAKING NEWS** PSychos and Pet-Heads ZAP the Zinfidels

Per PSentinel Jo Diaz, we PSychos will now have our own *consumer* advocacy group, just as the zinfidels do with ZAP. (N.B., PS I Love You is a group for the producers -- as it self-describes, "sole function and focus is to support a marketing/public relations effort for Petite Sirah.")
[S]ix years later, there’s an evolutionary shift in the making, because [PS I Love You has] accomplished our original mission.

Our next step…

The Board of Directors and I have long discussed a membership level that would include consumers. Fans of PS are constantly asking, “When and where’s your next event.” PSILY hosts anything, and people come… Not in droves, because it’s not a mainstream variety, but with a passion that’s downright exciting and infections. It reminds me of the initial Grateful Dead days, when people would go anywhere and do anything just to get into one more concert.

Couple that with the old-timers’ name for Petite Sirah, “Pet,” and you’ve got your “Pet Heads.”

Details for membership are being finalized and will be launched on the PSILY Website, once the t-shirts have arrived, later this month.