Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Tickets for Dark & Delicious 2009, to be held on February 20th at the Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda California, go on sale in just ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

(can you tell that I'm a bit excited?)


CAGrl said...

Do you know how long before the tickets sell out? I haven't had any experience and I might have something going on that weekend so I wanted to wait until I knew for sure I could make it. But I also don't want to miss it. =)

Loweeel said...

Wow, a new reader! :-)

I believe they've typically lasted into December. They shouldn't sell out the first 6 weeks.

But if you can make it, please come find me and say hi -- I'll post something on the blog closer to the event about how to find me and my PoSse of PadawanS.

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