Monday, February 16, 2009

4 Days Left...

In preparation for Dark & Delicious, I'm trying to focus on articles that will help us prepare to wrap our minds and palates around the scope of PS, to develop an appreciation of its differences and similiarities (roundness in the mouth, and hopefully some face-smashing tannins!).

With 4 days left, we return to the last of Clark's articles on regional variation in PS. This one is a listing of the ratings/medals of 37 PS wines that tasted to determine regional variations. Mouseover (and look in the right-hand column) for the tasting notes.

Getting excited for D&D? With some of these wines available for tasting there, I know that I am! Masset, in particular, is of interest to me, having not had West Coast PS outside of California.

Wait, "West Coast"? What's with the qualifier? Yes, there's one from PennSylvania that I've had, and while it doesn't measure up to most of the ones from Cali, it is better than you might expect, knowing that it's from PA.

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