Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wine Library PimpS PS

The subject of today's Wine Library Daily Offering is the 2005 Peachy Canyon PaSo Robles PS, which Gary Vaynerchuk rated at 90 points, at $17. Here's his take:
"I have tasted 38 Petite Sirahs in 2009 for placement in Wine Library and have passed on all but 2 and the other one is $36 so you can imagine how highly I rate this epic effort!

"This is what I had to say when I tried the wine: 'Huge and mad' is exactly what I wrote down. And you know what? It didn't calm down after 5 hours being opened either. This is one serious mofo and it doesn't apologize on its long and rugged finish. The light black fruit mixed with the pretty floral and fleshy mid-palate along with its epic finish make this the Petite Sirrah [sic] to beat here at Wine Library. If you are a fan of the PS grape then you need to get this into your rotation asap!

The offer also links to Episode 609, which GV dedicated to Yours Truly for his 28th birthday.

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