Saturday, November 21, 2009

2007 Vincent Arroyo Petite Sirah Port

Oh my gosh, this is a fantastic port. The first sip sets a lightly heated tone where the subsequent sips the alcohol was less pronounced as the palate was acclimated. 17% alcohol. The flavors of the petite sirah are deep and intense. I felt bad opening this so young, but it was my brother in law's and he is impetuous so who was I to say no? Dark fragrant berries and jam, white peppery spices, depth and intensity that made me call it "better than sex in a bottle." Rich and lucious, decadent yet elegant and refined. This is a hugely wonderful wine and has become far better than the barrel samples we tasted in March. 94-95 points.


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Toni said...

Hey - I just got a bottle of the Arroyo 2007 petit sirrah port at the company gift exchange. How long do you think I should age it? I'm SOOO looking forward to this!

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