Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So my good friends at Vincent Arroyo accidentally duplicated my standing order and sent me 2 cases instead of the one case that was 2 bottles of 2006 Winemaker's Reserve, 4 of 2007 Rattlesnake Acres PS, 2 of house PS, 2 of Sangiovese, and 2 of their Chard (yes, one of the few cali chards that I like).

Loving this winery and being a generally honest guy, I called them up and let them know. They initially were going to send a return shipping label (so eating about 45-50 in shipping charges), but I suggested that I instead share the bottles with local wine store owners and sommeliers (like Andrew from Lelabar and Christy at Frankly Wines) who might be interested in PurchaSing, as VA does not use distributors.

Here's hoping that I manage to spur more interest and PaSsion for PS! (or VA does, with me being the middleman).

I'm working with Jo Diaz to hopefully get VA to come to Dark and Delicious 2010. Wouldn't that be a treat?