Thursday, December 31, 2009


As 2009 (Ne Cede Malis) rolls over into 2010, there's a lot to look forward to.

Jo Diaz droPS some tantalizing hints at what's in store for us next year -- not just for D&D 2010, which is just 7 weeks from tomorrow! -- but for the PSymPoSium... and no, folks -- I'm certainly not the keynote speaker! Being a PSycho (or a PSuperfan) I'm wildly underqualified for that sort of thing!

And I also have some reviews by other winos of my new (to me, at least) favorite PS wines from this PaSt year -- Fortress, Carlisle, and Edwards (Victor -- you guys seen any reviews of your wine?).

Following D&D, I'm looking forward to Vincent Arroyo Barrel Sample Day on Saturday and then hanging out with Fulton & Dink Mather at David Fulton on Fulton Lane Winemaker Breakfast on Sunday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This PoSt is to mark a very PSpecial event today -- the 40th birthday of themostrighteous, the first of my PadawanS. He is an outstanding friend, a PleaSure to spend time with, and a man who apPreciateS his wine and most especially his PS.

Here is to many, many, many more happy returns, hermano, filled with family, friends, and relaxation. May you enjoy your next 40 as much as the 2002 Vincent Arroyo Rattlesnake Acres that we shared :-). With all the tannins that you consume in your PS, I suspect that they'll PreServe you at least as well as they do our favorite libation.